Sunday, January 31, 2010

jino's thai cafe, headingley, review.

From the outside I'm not sure I've been that intrigued by this spot.
On stepping in, the clean but oriental smell was intriguing.
We sat at a table for four and were quickly served for our drinks, I ordered a guava juice which arrived to me in a remarkable can! (I took it home with me.) Service, again, was quick for food and I had decided on the deep fried vegetables to start and then thick noodles with a black bean sauce with vegetables and tofu pieces. Others got spring rolls and some fancy mushrooms to start. The verdict on the spring rolls was very good. Deep fried vegetables were good. For the main course the others ordered the thick noodle dish but with chicken instead of tofu, a red thai curry with chicken and rice, and a pork stir fry with beansprouts and other vegetables.
The general opinion of the food was pleasant. The noodles were quite tricky to eat, once you got them on the fork they found themselves off it again. so i ended up using my spoon...
taste was good, tofu was good, the black bean sauce was a bit sickly towards the end, perhaps it would have been better to have less sauce.
All in all, worth a visit.

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  1. cari i went here ! thought it was pretty good =)
    i just love noodles... the jumping of the fork adds to the fun