Thursday, April 29, 2010

watching the clock.

have taken my time to write this next entry.
this is a piece of wheat in ulverston when me + paul snook into the 'fisherman only' bit near the priory.
spending most of my time doing html. i say i am, i mean i should be. i've done a fair bit though. in terms of university work that is all that is left for me to do. and then i am rid of multimedia technology and can look forward to the prospect of starting the excellent film course in september.
i have a few gigs booked for the next couple of months. they are as follows - may 11 bbc radio leeds, may 20 verve leeds, may 29th source arts cafe carlisle, june 11 cafe lento leeds, june 18 lantern house ulverston. excited? good. took a few photos at easter. these are snails shells. not sure if there was anybody home, i don't think so though. these were on the walk home from the beach/priory.
this guy was between the lantern house and lightburn park:
this is how my website is looking so far, this is the 'other' page which is a page telling an interested viewer what else we as a company like!

it doesn't function yet - just for looking at. not sure how to get it working yet. i've been eating lots of toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds. oh! i dropped my favourite glass jar the other day - not like an idiot onto the floor, just onto the counter (which isn't even that far down from me at all so i don't know how it smashed. must have caught the corner.) all my seeds went onto the floor and the washing machine (and into my pocket!) but unfortunately, there was lots of tiny glass bits mixed in. So, not liking to throw anything away and wanting to keep my seeds for eating, i stood for an hour carefully scanning groups of seds for glass. it's a good job i checked more than once because there was bits i'd missed first time around. devoted to my seeds.
cafe lento is a lovely little cafe in headingley, leeds. it is run by a man called richard and his daughter. they play a lot of jazz music (and my cd now i've given them it - giving me the gigi opportunity on june 11) and they sell fairtrade teas and coffee. i had a soya latte! it was very nice. they have board games too and they used to have lots of comics and books on the bench at the wall but they aren't there at the moment.
going to a few gigs in may, one is in london! i will be staying with my lovely friend emily which i am excited about because i haven't seen her in a while. the other two are in leeds. one is cocorosie - a beautiful duo of sisters from the states but started making their music in paris, i think that's how the story goes. enough about me, how are you?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

tissues and honey

I'm unfortunate to say I have a cold. Gone through a lot of tissues, a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit juice, and probably double my daily sugar allowance from honey. But it's good for you isn't it.? Yes.
Bought a pomegranite today and wasn't I happy! I've not had one in a long time. It was delightful I took some nice photos. Here is one -
just a little seedling. There's two nice ones on my flickr -
I've spent my day, besides strolling to the local grocery and health stores in Headingley, working on my website design. I started the first half of my day faithless, but now I'm a bit more positive. I like how it looks at the moment so that is alright.
I bought some almonds today and boiled them in honey - which, by the way, cancels out the benefits one normally would get from honey. So no point doing that again. The honey stuck to my crepe plate once it cooled too.
I made a nice casserole for my lunch and my dinner, the photograph that I took doesn't do the casserole great justice so is there any point adding it?

there was brown rice, lentils,carrot, cabbage, vegetable stock, pepper, onion, garlic, sweet potato and gravy granukes in this.
When I returned from my stroll to get groceries, I took my savoy cabbage out of the carrier bag and hen there were litle tiny white dots flying around. Honestly very tiny and, sad to say, they are made of dust or something. 'Sad to say' because i squished one... Look at this guy-
he looks alive here doesn't he. poor thing.
I bought some new ground coffee the other day from sainsburys. It is delightfil, it is half caff.
I've posted my cd away to Manchester music for a review or something.
I was to be playing in Leeds on saturday on Briggate for the Leeds University Union society 'RAG' but I am not very well therefore it will not be very good for me so I am not now.
Aparently, they are bringing out a limited edition of marmite mext week - extra strong. (Unilever, not Leeds University Union Society 'RAG'.)
If only Unilever didn't test on animals I might be inclined to purchase it.
Watched Tim Burton and Johnny Depp on Jonathan Ross. That was good wasn't it, I like them two. I watched that cheesy movie 'couples retreat' the other night. I had not much else to do and am always open to watching a movie. It was nearly as bad as the trailers look. But fairly funny at parts- I like Vince Vaughn.
I made a poster for the gig at Hyde Park Social Club on March 10th, I have a little stamp that has my name and myspace address on so I made a row of 8 stamp sized bits of paper for people to rip off so they can listen to my music to see if they want to come. And well I was on my way to class after lunch when I noticed 4 had gone. By the end of they day all of them had. So that's good isn't it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Not wrote in a while have i. Well I must have not been doing much. been making soup and fried rices and nearly burning the kitchen on fire (always put too much water in the pan when you make rice)
At the moment i am making gift tags and gift books and cds for a charity night on march 10th where i will be playing too - that's what the cds are = me.

took a few pictures of my makings which you will be able to see. other photos are the tasty fried rice i made the other day, can't remember much of what i used - rice, mixed vegetables, turmeric, garlic, tomato puree. dave got a 18 inch pizza the other day. paul made one. also making new cd covers for the gig - to fit with the recycled brown paper/cardboard theme.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

where else

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Practical pranks are hilarious.last night, me and my house mates (note-all but one) were bored. upon thinking what to do to entertain ourselves we came to discussing practical jokes and what we could do to liams room for when he gets back the next day. we threw a few ideas outt here but noone made a move to get started so i suggested we go in his room to see what we come up with instantly, and i said 'lets turn his posters upside down' so we started turning his posters upside down, this led to turning things on his shelves upside down-pen pot, money box, hairspray, card. this led to turning his clothes in his wardrobe inside out. we liked this one and so thought what could we do to the clothes in his drawer, so we switched his drawers around, thinking he would be quite neat about what goes in which drawer. this wasn't enough that we turned the chester drawers upside down. so when he does open a drawer, everything falls out. we should have left it there to be a bit subtle. but we didn't. we took the fuses out of his plugs, and some knobs and screws here and there from his guitar amp. we filled his pillow cases and bed sheet with plastic bags so it rustles with the slightest touch (very funny) and last but not least, we took his door off its hinges. we replaced it with a layer of cling film and a layer of bin bags. he is back at five today. i won't be in. here are some pictures of the process.

Monday, February 15, 2010

folded pizza

we didn't go to the lebanese restaurant due to the price. i will let you find out how much it is yourself. no i will report- around fifteen rof anything 'decent' said a carnivore. about £12 for the vegetarian field. there's no point paying that much is there, so we decided to head down to the shop to get some bits and make calzones for dinner.
mine was awesome. it had peppers, onions, peas, mushroom, gherkin and lots of tomato puree inside. this is what they looked like -
the other one we made had mushroom, cheese, pepperoni and tomato puree in it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

ok. emily.

ok, i've just made some scrumptious brownies! i will tell you how i made them and post a picture later.
i only had a little self raising flour so i used plain flour and a big teaspoon of baking powder. together there was about a cup full. so 1 cup of flour 3 or 4 tablespoons of sugar, same of cocoa powder
half a cup of oil and a splash of water. a big tablespoon of margarine. you want it to be all mixed nicely and not sticky. add vanilla essence and orange essence for chocolate orange ones.
when the dough is nice cut into squares on greaseproof paper and a tray
cook for about fifteen minutes

meanwhile make the icing! icing sugar about 1/3 cup, lukewarm water - add a tablespoon at a time until its the right consistency and then add orange essence.
these are the ingredients anyway, they are really easy to make just mix all the dry ingredients together then start adding the wet. you don't need to use water you can just use oil, just depends if you have enough!
pictures a bit shoddy but i didn't have my lovely camera


got a bit of another soup recipe that i did will have to wait for a picture as i've left my wire elsewhere to connect the picture taking device and laptop together. but the recipe is as follows-
3 carrots
one sweet potato
a cup of sweetcorn

1 vegetable stock
teaspoon of coriander
2 garlic cloves
1 tin of plum tomatoes
about 3/4 of a cup pearl barley.
black pepper to your taste and herbs too.
boil the carrots and sweet potatoes
the pearl barley needs to be boiled starting with cold water so if you use cold water to do the carrots and potato this will be good.
when things are getting soft add sweetcorn and then garlic. then add the tomatoes, stock cube and other herbs/spices.

then the noisy part-blend it all together. voila!
this one was better than the lentil one in my opinion, it was more vegetabley and bit more flavoursome.
will upload a picture of it soon.

as it's valentines day of course that is an excuse to go somewhere tasty for dinner right? so we're going to a lebanese restaurant in the city centre. a review has advised me to not judge it on outside appearances but upon looking on a picture of it i cannot help it. but i am not really judging it, i am just understanding that it doesn't look fancy however i bet the price is.
aparently a good vegan menu so i imagine a plate of sprouts or something. i will report back with that one

Saturday, February 13, 2010


just going through a lot of my photographs on my computer and i've not yet mentioned my friend russell peet. he may well be very offensive and sarcastic but it's always to your face. and he hardly ever means it... he is a smashing star fish and he is very good with plasticine and such. also baking cakes. keep your eyes peeled for his animations

flickr aparently will display only 200 images in a free account. pft
watched a film the other night online called lonesim jim. i enjoyed it, watched the new sherlock holmes film last night, that was good.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wednesday recipe.

been grocery shopping in headingley and i also bought a toothbrush.
i've made a soup for my lunch i shall tell you what it is and how i made it.
potato carrot celery and lentil soup.
4 carrots
1 potato
2 garlic cloves
1 + a half
vegetable stock cube
about a cup of lentils (i used some green, some red)
a little bit of sweet potato
2 and a half celery sticks
an onion
a teaspoon of marmite/yeast extract
a teaspoon of coriander
a dash of cumin
a dash of pepper.
fry the onion and celery whilst boiling the potato and carrots, and lentils. when everything is soft let them mingle for a while in the same pan and add your stock and such. if you guess it's much better. i added some tomato puree too. wild thing

magnified creature.

This morning as i looked over to the decoration on the end of my curtain rail (a magnifying ball with bubbles in, clear and crystal looking but very crap) i saw a horrible creature lurking behind it. from what i could make out it was one of those big house spiders that are a hideous brown and horrid shape. anyway, realisation struck me - it was in fact a tiny spider jogging on the ball but through the giant spectacle it looked v. big.setting the scene
magnified creature
actual size.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


my badges. been counting my badges.I've got around 80. I've told you this haven't i. here's a picture of a few of them to prove it

so i may as well give you an insight of things i like to do and eat. i like eat natural bars, 9 bars, soya yoghurts, foods + treats that i can make myself like cookies, chocolate orange cake, coffee cake, oat cereal, vegetable bolognese, casserole and soup. lattes. i like buying the 19 pence kidney beans from sainsburys, local carrots, garlic and celery. i like twinings' darjeeling tea and dr. stuarts' white tea, i like clipper's green tea and lemon. i like yorkshire regular tea and the aldi range of filter coffee.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

crash smash.

iv'e been to the bottle bank tonight and had much fun smashing the bottles inside for that wonderful crashing sound. thought i'd let my violent side out for a minute or two. hands are dry and itching. been playing those games online where you have to find clues and get out of the room - crimson room, whte chamber etc. this was with the assistance of edward. white chamber is tricky! i played it a year or so ago i could remember some of the clues but man, it is sneaky


very miz day today isn't it. drizzle drizzle fog fog. thought my lecture was a t eleven, realised at quarter to ten that it was at ten. went to sainsbury's on the way home and rspca charity shop and wilkinsons and there i browsed the cookery utensils for around ten minutes.i bought two frames to put pictures in. i also bought some soya milk, baked beans + blueberries.
got a hot chocolate now. it's very rich. oh yes, from oxfam i purchased a divine chocolate bar. i also purchased rubber gloves from wilkinsons so i could wash up the week old plates and cutlery in my living room. ugh.
i'm watching sex and the city. only over the last few months have i started watching it, it is in fact very good.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

something new.

now. i've not done this before. i've not shared a song before it has been finished or recodred, or i am happy with it.
but see, i've been working on one which i've just and so changed, and i thought i would record it (via my digital camera) and post it here for your ears to sample. it is a video, of my legs + some paper really.
so the song will change again imagine in the lyrical department, but i like where it's going at the moment.
obviously not going to be the best sound quality, voice sounds very dull. i think the guitar will be played faster when my creating is complete.


Been to buy some potatoes, onions and bananas at the local fruit and vegetable shop in headingley. The bananas there are really tastey and so are the carrots as is the celery. Maybe because it's local and fresh.
So i've been doing a spot of tidying (moving things from one place to another) and I took things out of a cardboard box that i
've kept all year- shoes, bags and mittens, and i thought i would take a few pictures of two pairs of shoes that i love dearly and refuse to throw away but am well aware that i must. eventually. one pair is a high top set of black converse and the other are a pair of vans era in red. these were and still may be my favourite pair and don't have the heart to replace them (or the £40.)

this banana isn't that soft. tastes nice though. and that's the main thing? unless it's a bag of crisps.
oh! i cut my thumb the other week on a tin can. been opening the lids for years with my fingers but this one was particularly jagged and sharp. sort of slid into my thumb.. so here's a picture i took of the mess it made

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It is not always pleasant when the weather is unexpectedly warm.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

jino's thai cafe, headingley, review.

From the outside I'm not sure I've been that intrigued by this spot.
On stepping in, the clean but oriental smell was intriguing.
We sat at a table for four and were quickly served for our drinks, I ordered a guava juice which arrived to me in a remarkable can! (I took it home with me.) Service, again, was quick for food and I had decided on the deep fried vegetables to start and then thick noodles with a black bean sauce with vegetables and tofu pieces. Others got spring rolls and some fancy mushrooms to start. The verdict on the spring rolls was very good. Deep fried vegetables were good. For the main course the others ordered the thick noodle dish but with chicken instead of tofu, a red thai curry with chicken and rice, and a pork stir fry with beansprouts and other vegetables.
The general opinion of the food was pleasant. The noodles were quite tricky to eat, once you got them on the fork they found themselves off it again. so i ended up using my spoon...
taste was good, tofu was good, the black bean sauce was a bit sickly towards the end, perhaps it would have been better to have less sauce.
All in all, worth a visit.

+ making.

here are the little gift message booklets i've been making

photographic baking.

here are photographs of the different things i've been baking of late. the first are goober grape peanut butter and jelly oat crumble cookies that i threw together a couple of weeks ago. the second are the white chocolate cookies with chocolate sprinkles i made today.

jinos thai cafe.

off for lunch at jino's thai cafe, from looking at the menu i have decided to have a thick noodle dish in black bean sauce and tofu pieces vegetables.
watched a film called sliding doors last night, not seen that one before. probably give that a 2 and a bit based on the coinciding storyline.
oh. after going to barakas as i said in my last blog- i did stuff myself indeed.
i've been making a few bits and pieces of late (cake theme and crafts theme) i shall take more pictures and post them here for viewing.
will make white chocolate chip cookies later

Thursday, January 28, 2010

new blog then.

eaten a banana and grapes so i don't starve before my moroccan themed feast.
with a plastic cup and laptop at desk i'm practically carrie bradshaw.? I've come across a band i am enjoying a lot. i won't be telling who it is. spent the day with eleanor mainly, popped to the co-op for reductions.
the olive towel on my head goes well with my chick pea coloured hair