Thursday, April 29, 2010

watching the clock.

have taken my time to write this next entry.
this is a piece of wheat in ulverston when me + paul snook into the 'fisherman only' bit near the priory.
spending most of my time doing html. i say i am, i mean i should be. i've done a fair bit though. in terms of university work that is all that is left for me to do. and then i am rid of multimedia technology and can look forward to the prospect of starting the excellent film course in september.
i have a few gigs booked for the next couple of months. they are as follows - may 11 bbc radio leeds, may 20 verve leeds, may 29th source arts cafe carlisle, june 11 cafe lento leeds, june 18 lantern house ulverston. excited? good. took a few photos at easter. these are snails shells. not sure if there was anybody home, i don't think so though. these were on the walk home from the beach/priory.
this guy was between the lantern house and lightburn park:
this is how my website is looking so far, this is the 'other' page which is a page telling an interested viewer what else we as a company like!

it doesn't function yet - just for looking at. not sure how to get it working yet. i've been eating lots of toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds. oh! i dropped my favourite glass jar the other day - not like an idiot onto the floor, just onto the counter (which isn't even that far down from me at all so i don't know how it smashed. must have caught the corner.) all my seeds went onto the floor and the washing machine (and into my pocket!) but unfortunately, there was lots of tiny glass bits mixed in. So, not liking to throw anything away and wanting to keep my seeds for eating, i stood for an hour carefully scanning groups of seds for glass. it's a good job i checked more than once because there was bits i'd missed first time around. devoted to my seeds.
cafe lento is a lovely little cafe in headingley, leeds. it is run by a man called richard and his daughter. they play a lot of jazz music (and my cd now i've given them it - giving me the gigi opportunity on june 11) and they sell fairtrade teas and coffee. i had a soya latte! it was very nice. they have board games too and they used to have lots of comics and books on the bench at the wall but they aren't there at the moment.
going to a few gigs in may, one is in london! i will be staying with my lovely friend emily which i am excited about because i haven't seen her in a while. the other two are in leeds. one is cocorosie - a beautiful duo of sisters from the states but started making their music in paris, i think that's how the story goes. enough about me, how are you?

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