Sunday, February 14, 2010


got a bit of another soup recipe that i did will have to wait for a picture as i've left my wire elsewhere to connect the picture taking device and laptop together. but the recipe is as follows-
3 carrots
one sweet potato
a cup of sweetcorn

1 vegetable stock
teaspoon of coriander
2 garlic cloves
1 tin of plum tomatoes
about 3/4 of a cup pearl barley.
black pepper to your taste and herbs too.
boil the carrots and sweet potatoes
the pearl barley needs to be boiled starting with cold water so if you use cold water to do the carrots and potato this will be good.
when things are getting soft add sweetcorn and then garlic. then add the tomatoes, stock cube and other herbs/spices.

then the noisy part-blend it all together. voila!
this one was better than the lentil one in my opinion, it was more vegetabley and bit more flavoursome.
will upload a picture of it soon.

as it's valentines day of course that is an excuse to go somewhere tasty for dinner right? so we're going to a lebanese restaurant in the city centre. a review has advised me to not judge it on outside appearances but upon looking on a picture of it i cannot help it. but i am not really judging it, i am just understanding that it doesn't look fancy however i bet the price is.
aparently a good vegan menu so i imagine a plate of sprouts or something. i will report back with that one

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