Thursday, February 04, 2010


very miz day today isn't it. drizzle drizzle fog fog. thought my lecture was a t eleven, realised at quarter to ten that it was at ten. went to sainsbury's on the way home and rspca charity shop and wilkinsons and there i browsed the cookery utensils for around ten minutes.i bought two frames to put pictures in. i also bought some soya milk, baked beans + blueberries.
got a hot chocolate now. it's very rich. oh yes, from oxfam i purchased a divine chocolate bar. i also purchased rubber gloves from wilkinsons so i could wash up the week old plates and cutlery in my living room. ugh.
i'm watching sex and the city. only over the last few months have i started watching it, it is in fact very good.

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  1. sex and the city is very good. how strange. i also bought two picture frames.