Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Been to buy some potatoes, onions and bananas at the local fruit and vegetable shop in headingley. The bananas there are really tastey and so are the carrots as is the celery. Maybe because it's local and fresh.
So i've been doing a spot of tidying (moving things from one place to another) and I took things out of a cardboard box that i
've kept all year- shoes, bags and mittens, and i thought i would take a few pictures of two pairs of shoes that i love dearly and refuse to throw away but am well aware that i must. eventually. one pair is a high top set of black converse and the other are a pair of vans era in red. these were and still may be my favourite pair and don't have the heart to replace them (or the £40.)

this banana isn't that soft. tastes nice though. and that's the main thing? unless it's a bag of crisps.
oh! i cut my thumb the other week on a tin can. been opening the lids for years with my fingers but this one was particularly jagged and sharp. sort of slid into my thumb.. so here's a picture i took of the mess it made

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