Sunday, February 14, 2010

ok. emily.

ok, i've just made some scrumptious brownies! i will tell you how i made them and post a picture later.
i only had a little self raising flour so i used plain flour and a big teaspoon of baking powder. together there was about a cup full. so 1 cup of flour 3 or 4 tablespoons of sugar, same of cocoa powder
half a cup of oil and a splash of water. a big tablespoon of margarine. you want it to be all mixed nicely and not sticky. add vanilla essence and orange essence for chocolate orange ones.
when the dough is nice cut into squares on greaseproof paper and a tray
cook for about fifteen minutes

meanwhile make the icing! icing sugar about 1/3 cup, lukewarm water - add a tablespoon at a time until its the right consistency and then add orange essence.
these are the ingredients anyway, they are really easy to make just mix all the dry ingredients together then start adding the wet. you don't need to use water you can just use oil, just depends if you have enough!
pictures a bit shoddy but i didn't have my lovely camera

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