Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wednesday recipe.

been grocery shopping in headingley and i also bought a toothbrush.
i've made a soup for my lunch i shall tell you what it is and how i made it.
potato carrot celery and lentil soup.
4 carrots
1 potato
2 garlic cloves
1 + a half
vegetable stock cube
about a cup of lentils (i used some green, some red)
a little bit of sweet potato
2 and a half celery sticks
an onion
a teaspoon of marmite/yeast extract
a teaspoon of coriander
a dash of cumin
a dash of pepper.
fry the onion and celery whilst boiling the potato and carrots, and lentils. when everything is soft let them mingle for a while in the same pan and add your stock and such. if you guess it's much better. i added some tomato puree too. wild thing

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  1. cari floolah. me and my flatter mate laura are having a week of making delicious foods stuffs! we are going to make this soup i do think :D ill make bradli eat it too. he will probably cry at me and ask why there are no sausages in it. i shall inform you of our other meal choices. probably through my very own blog, you know? yeah man.