Thursday, February 18, 2010


Practical pranks are hilarious.last night, me and my house mates (note-all but one) were bored. upon thinking what to do to entertain ourselves we came to discussing practical jokes and what we could do to liams room for when he gets back the next day. we threw a few ideas outt here but noone made a move to get started so i suggested we go in his room to see what we come up with instantly, and i said 'lets turn his posters upside down' so we started turning his posters upside down, this led to turning things on his shelves upside down-pen pot, money box, hairspray, card. this led to turning his clothes in his wardrobe inside out. we liked this one and so thought what could we do to the clothes in his drawer, so we switched his drawers around, thinking he would be quite neat about what goes in which drawer. this wasn't enough that we turned the chester drawers upside down. so when he does open a drawer, everything falls out. we should have left it there to be a bit subtle. but we didn't. we took the fuses out of his plugs, and some knobs and screws here and there from his guitar amp. we filled his pillow cases and bed sheet with plastic bags so it rustles with the slightest touch (very funny) and last but not least, we took his door off its hinges. we replaced it with a layer of cling film and a layer of bin bags. he is back at five today. i won't be in. here are some pictures of the process.

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